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Logan’s Great Blue Heron

Although the Theodore Roetheke-esque title is what first drew me to it, one of my favorite blogs, Loren Webster’s In a Dark Time…the Eye Begins to See, is not about writing, but about photography, often of birds. A recent post, “Logan Visits Gramps,” in which Webster shares his grandson’s turn at the camera, reminded me of my quest to see differently, and so I’m sharing it with you.


The willingness to see a situation differently is an excellent way to finesse changes in your life. When I feel really stymied by a relationship, or upset by something someone or other has said to me, or pissed off by the latest political brouhaha, or (for that matter) stuck in a writing difficulty, when I truly cannot seem to get past that feeling of stuckness, then it helps to remember, maybe I can’t see it differently right now, but I can be willing to see it differently.

Of course, seeing differently is always a good practice, and a gift, as Loren and his grandson demonstrate.




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  1. loweb3
    loweb3 says:

    Thanks for the link.

    It began as an anti-war blog, transformed into a poetry blog ( one of the few constants in my life), a flower blog, then a birding blog.

    Some people even reached it through my account of two bouts with cancer.

    It’s really my version of a “daily” journal. If I want to know about anything important in the last 11 years of my life I search my blog. I’ll be back to some poetry shortly.


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